The ligand trap (LT) system is a multi-component system developed by InDanio Bioscience that uses live zebrafish to indicate the presence of human nuclear receptor-directed hormones or drugs, and to isolate these small molecules from active molecules from responding tissues. Fourty eight transgenic ligand trap fish lines have been generated, each representing one of the 48 human Nuclear receptors, and each containing the components to identify and isolate small molecule ligands and protein cofactors.

  • The first LT technology component signals the presence of active hormones or drugs in the form of a green fluorescent signal (GFP). These fluorescent signals predict, with great credibility, which compounds have potential for further drug development, and which tissues or organs can be targeted.
  • The second LT component makes use of the nuclear receptors themselves, after they have been bound by hormones or drugs. The bound hormones/drugs are purified, extracted and identified using highly effective affinity tags attached to the receptor constructs.