InDanio offers a novel high through-put inVivo screening method with our Ligand Trap System

Assessment of nuclear receptor lead compound properties
EC50s, LD50s, ADMe-tox and direct/indirect actions of these lead compounds
De novo screens using proprietary libraries
De novo screen for new NR ligands
And more...

Advantages of inVivo Screening

Currently, lead compounds identified by today's screens generally fail during animal and clinical trials due to off-target and ADME-Tox effects which results in the elimination of 99.99% of candidates. These lost years, investments and lives would be avoided by beginning the screening process with a well-designed animal screening system such as our ligand trap system. Exiting our screening process, we would already know the general specificity, toxicity and tissues targeted by each lead, greatly decreasing the possibility of failure in further animal and clinical trials due to ADME-tox or side-effect issues. The conservation of nuclear recepetor functions and roles between humans and zebrafish are extremely high, such that all hits made in our screens could be useful at some level.