InDanio Bioscience Inc., is a privately-held in vivo drug discovery company dedicated to developing New Chemical Entities (NCEs) targeting the pharmaceutically-important Nuclear Receptor (NR) protein families.

Our proprietary, Ligand Trap system, which includes 48 transgenic zebrafish lines, each singularly expressing one of the 48 human Nuclear Receptors, allows simultaneous assessment of drug delivery, stability, specificity, tissue-selectivity and toxicity. Selective, highest-value target lines are being used to identify, extract and characterize new hormonal regulators, as well as to identify new tissue-selective drugs, co-factors and mechanisms of action for each Nuclear Receptor.

InDanio's genetically engineered Zebrafish lines provide a "highest human homology" in vivo HTS model, where not only are the binding and potency of lead compounds immediately identified, but target and tissue specificity, as well as vital organ accumulation, can for the first time, also be immediately realized.